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How a Tech Company in USA Secured a Flawless POC with SAP Vista!

Rama Krishna Rao
March 5, 2024

Imagine needing to prove a groundbreaking concept to a potential client, but your progress is stalled by complex integration challenges. You need to seamlessly connect SAP S/4HANA, AWS, and NLP, but finding reliable server access that supports such a combination seems impossible.

This case study reveals how a leading technology company overcame these very obstacles and secured a successful POC, paving the way for a promising business opportunity. Discover how they achieved this seemingly impossible feat, and unlock the secrets to smooth POC development for your own innovative projects.

Customer Profile:

  • Name: not disclosing due to privacy reasons
  • Location: United States
  • SAP Version: SAP S/4HANA 2022 FAA Version
  • Module: SAP ABAP Server Access and SAP SD Server Access
  • Service Type: Server Access on Shared Server
  • Duration: 6 months

Customer Challenges:

A leading technology company in the United States faced an urgent need to develop a POC for a prospective client. This POC involved integrating SAP S/4HANA 2022 FAA Version (specifically the SAP ABAP module) with AWS and NLP functionalities. However, they encountered significant difficulties:

  • Limited Support: Despite reaching out to several SAP service providers, none were able to support the integration of all three technologies.
  • Performance Issues: Previous attempts at POC development with other providers were hampered by interruptions and slowness.

Solution: Partnering with SAPVISTA

Determined to overcome these challenges, company discovered SAPVISTA. Impressed by SAPVISTA's reputation for expertise in SAP server access, they contacted the company with their specific requirements.

"We reached out to SAPVISTA with very little hope, but to our surprise, we received an email from them requesting just a day to get back regarding our query," they shared. This prompt response and willingness to understand their unique needs instilled confidence in the company needs.

True to their word, within a day, SAPVISTA confirmed their ability to support the integration of all technologies (SAP S/4HANA, SAP ABAP, SAP SD, AWS, and NLP). This swift response and confirmation were crucial, as time was of the essence for their POC development.

Furthermore, SAPVISTA provided reliable and high-performance SAP remote server. This ensured a smooth and uninterrupted POC development process, free from the performance issues encountered with previous providers.

"Since the moment we received the access to the time we completed our POC, we never faced any interruptions or slowness," the customer remarked, highlighting the stability and reliability of SAPVISTA's server access solution.

Successful Outcome

With SAPVISTA's exceptional support, client successfully completed their POC, showcasing the value proposition of their solution to their prospective client. The increased efficiency and performance enabled by SAPVISTA's server access were instrumental in achieving this success.

"Due to the outstanding service, we were able to successfully complete the POC," emphasized the client side project team. Their satisfaction with SAPVISTA's services was further evidenced by their decision to extend their contract with the company.

"Wholeheartedly thank SAPVISTA team for making our POC a great success!" they concluded, expressing their gratitude for SAPVISTA's contribution to their project's achievement.


This case study demonstrates the critical role that reliable SAP server access plays in ensuring the success of complex POC projects involving diverse technologies. By partnering with SAPVISTA, the client was able to overcome the challenges of integration support and performance limitations, ultimately achieving a successful POC and securing a potentially valuable business opportunity.

Considering a POC for your SAP project?
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