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SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere Access Integrated with S/4 HANA 2022 Fully Activated Appliance

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What is SAP Datasphere?

The SAP Data Sphere is a unified data management solution that connects and orchestrates diverse data sources, enabling seamless data sharing and insights across an organization's ecosystem. It facilitates real-time decision-making by breaking down data silos and fostering a cohesive data environment.

Access Authoritative Data

Accelerate time-to-value by automatically reusing semantical definitions and associations.

  • Deliver business data in its business context
  • Make it effortless to model your business
  • Ensure governance throughout the data lifecycle

Enrich All Data Projects

Unify varied data into a cohesive semantic model tailored to your diverse data landscape for streamlined business insights.

  • Virtually access or physically store data from anywhere
  • Leverage trusted data partners and securely share data across the organisation
  • Integrate with industry-leading data and AI platforms to capitalise on data investments

Simplify the Data Landscape

Gain access to your data in both hybrid and cloud environments, regardless of its location.

  • Innovate across hybrid architectures leveraging existing SAP models
  • Enable self-service data access
  • Leverage existing SAP BW models and transformations to innovate in the cloud

SAP Datasphere enables a business data fabric

SAP Datasphere, along with its open data ecosystem, serves as the cornerstone for creating a business data fabric. This empowers any organization to provide valuable data to all data users while preserving the essential business context and logic.

  • Simplify the ever-growing data landscape
  • Implement self-service data access to trusted business data
  • Facilitate real-time data access to support your business
  • Accelerate trusted decisions