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SAP Vista Server Access | A Korean ABAP Developer's Success Story

Rama Krishna Rao
January 21, 2024

A SAP ABAP learner on the brink of frustration, battling regular disruptions from data refreshes and server resets every fortnight. Youngjae's quest for stability led him to SAP Vista, an oasis in the vast SAP learning landscape. Youngjae Choi (최영재) from Korea shares his success story, highlighting the transformative impact of SAP Vista's server solution on his SAP ABAP training and practice journey.

Let's delve into the challenges Youngjae faced, the ingenious solutions SAP Vista provided, and the unparalleled positive outcomes that have made SAP Vista the go-to choice for learners seeking not just a server solution but an elevated SAP experience. Discover how SAP Vista became the catalyst for Youngjae's success in the dynamic world of SAP learning.

Customer Profile:

  • Name: Youngjae Choi (최영재)
  • Location: Korea
  • SAP Version: SAP S/4HANA 2022 FAA Version
  • Module: SAP ABAP Server Access
  • Service Type: Server Access on Shared Server
  • Duration: 3 months

Challenges Faced by Youngjae

1. Data Refresh Woes

Youngjae grappled with the frustration of regular data refresh or server resets every two weeks, disrupting his SAP ABAP development workflow.

2. Support and Communication Issues

Beyond the technical glitches, Youngjae faced challenges with support, response time, and effective communication with his previous service.

SAP Vista's Solutions

1. Stability Redefined

SAP Vista's server solution brought an end to Youngjae's worries about data loss or server resets. The newfound stability, coupled with acceptable response speed and cost-effectiveness, marked a positive turn in his SAP experience.

2. Responsive Support

The SAP Vista team tackled challenges head-on by providing 24-hour support and proactively addressing problems. This shift greatly improved communication and response time, resolving the issues Youngjae previously encountered.

Positive Outcomes

1. Recommendation from Youngjae

Youngjae enthusiastically recommends SAP Vista to fellow Koreans seeking SAP server access. He applauds the 24-hour problem-solving support, the convenience of using an app, and the cost-effectiveness compared to SAP Learning Hub. His satisfaction reflects the positive outcome of this transformative service. Below is his review left on Google.

If Koreans want to purchase a SAP server, I recommend this place. First of all, we have 24 hours to solve the problem, so we can solve the problem at any time. In the beginning, I also had a problem, but everyone was proactive in resolving it. And although the official SAP Learning Hub uses a cloud computer, here you can use the app for more convenience. If you learn SAP officially in Korea, it will be inconvenient to use SAP (online only, I'm not sure about offline). If you are taking online classes, I would boldly abandon the program provided by SAP Learning Hub and purchase a server from here. I highly recommend using it later. If you use SAP Learning Hub, the response speed is slow and the server is reset every two weeks. However, here, if you invest 100 dollars every 3 months, not only can you maintain the server for 3 months, but the response speed is also acceptable. (If I lose what I practiced every two weeks on the official server, I will cry when I practice later. Especially in Abab. . I don't know if you have a lot of time, but when you try to create a program, it gets initialized and the response speed is slow, and when this happens, you completely lose the motivation to create the program.) But I'm glad you don't have to worry about that here. Assuming that people taking SAP classes in Korea have financial resources, I think it would be a good idea for those who want to take SAP or ABAP classes to purchase a server here. The price is overwhelming, but I think the service is overwhelmingly better than other companies.

2. Technical Stability and Beyond

The success story extends beyond technical stability. SAP Vista's enhanced support and responsiveness contributed to Youngjae's highly satisfactory experience. The positive outcome is not just about SAP proficiency but also the overall quality of service, making SAP Vista the go-to choice for his ABAP training needs.

SAP Vista Server Access got a positive review on Google

About SAP Vista

What is SAP Vista?

SAP Vista is a leading provider of server access solutions, offering a seamless experience for SAP training, practice, and demonstrations. With a focus on stability, cost-effectiveness, and 24-hour support, SAP Vista stands out as a reliable partner in the SAP learning journey.

Server Details

  • Server Type: Shared Server for Individuals and Dedicated Server for companies and corporates.
  • Support: 24-hour support for problem-solving.
  • Special Features: Reliability and data security.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Competitive and affordable pricing for every need.


In the dynamic landscape of SAP training, Youngjae's journey with SAP Vista exemplifies the impact of a reliable server solution and responsive support. As the global SAP community evolves, stories like him showcase the importance of innovative solutions for a seamless learning experience.

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