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How to Activate Business Application Studio (SAP BAS) in an Enterprise BTP Subaccount ?

April 10, 2024

SAP Business Application Studio is a cloud-based development tool specifically designed for building applications and extending functionalities of existing SAP solutions . It provides a user-friendly development environment like popular IDEs(Integrated Development Environments) with additional features to streamline the development process for SAP business applications.

Here are some key benefits of SAP Business Application Studio:

  • Increased Development Efficiency: It     offers a modern development environment with pre-built templates, code     editors, and debugging tools to accelerate development.
  • Seamless SAP Integration: The     studio integrates tightly with various SAP services, technologies, and     solutions, allowing developers to leverage existing functionalities within     their applications.
  • Open and Secure Platform: Built     on an open-source foundation, SAP Business Application Studio fosters     innovation while maintaining enterprise-grade security and governance.

Overall, SAP Business Application Studio empowers developers to create intelligent business applications that cater to the needs of the SAP Intelligent Enterprise.

Below are the steps to activate a Business Application Studio service in an Enterprise BTP Subaccount.

  1. Navigate to the BTP Cockpit and login with your user account.
  1. Subaccounts are visible on the Account Explorer as shown in step 1. Click on the Subaccount you want to create the BAS service in.
  1. Navigate to the ‘Entitlements’ on the navigation ribbon on the left.
  1.  All the entitlements of the BTP subaccount are visible. By Default, many services are listed as entitlements. Press the Edit button to add the services.
  1. Add service plan using the ‘Add Service Plans’ Button.
  1. Search for the ‘Business Application Studio’ to find the service as shown below. Adding a service as entitlement doesn’t mean the service is on. This step only means the users will be allowed to turn the service on and this step is a prerequisite to assign the BAS role privileges to the user. Don’t forget to ‘Save’ after adding the service.
  1. The added services are visible in the entitlements list.
  1.  Navigate to the Services->Service Marketplace on the Navigation pane. One can find the newly added BAS Service in the application development and automation section.
  1. Create a new instance of SAP Business Application Studio as shown below.
  1.  Select the Service and the Subscription plan and create the instance.
  1.  SAP Business application studio subscription is created as shown below.
  1. Once the service is subscribed to, we should proceed to give the required role authorizations to the users. Navigate to the Security->Users on the navigation panel. Using the Assign Role Collection option we can navigate to Role assignment.
  1. Assign role collection as shown below and assign the roles depending on the requirement. If the user needs access only to the BAS please make sure that no ‘Administrator’ related roles slip through.
  1. It can take 2-6 hours to complete the provision. You can launch the application.